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DIY Winter Fawn Ornament

If you're any bit like us in that you keep catching yourself thinking "ahhh how is it the middle of November already?!" this is a DIY for you! Although we can hardly believe it's edging on the season of eggnog, tree trimmings, and mistletoe, the calendar still looms and in little more than a week it will be BLACK FRIDAY (primal scream). To us, Black Friday is more like Bleak Friday--even if you can look past the trampling deaths (c'mon, 'murica really??) you're still faced with a bleary eyed 4am wake up call after a day of cooking to schlepp around for a day of waiting in mobbed lines. Not exactly our cup of tea.


If you're on our side, we say let's rally and craft our way to Christmahanakwanza (anyone else remember this from the O.C....? No, just me? Ok). Here's our first DIY giftable--for even the pickiest Aunt on your list. 


You Will Need

  • Hanging glass terrarium globes such as these 
  • Miniature tree and animal figurines--we got ours from diorama kits
  • Small stones and sticks
  • Chopstick or some sort of tool to carefully arrange inside globe
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue
  • Baby powder
  • Salt 


1. Mix together equal parts baby powder and salt. This will become your "snow." Set aside. Note: some stores sell this fake snow already so feel free to use, however we prefer stuff with less chemicals!

2. Determine how you'd like to position your figurines in your globe then dab with hot glue and hold firmly down inside globe (you may need your chopsticks for this if you can't reach inside with your fingers)

3. Once you've positioned your trees and animals, hot glue down any small stones or sticks you want to include as well.

4. Spread a thin layer of craft glue on the bottom of your globe, around the figures you've already hot glued down.

5.) Sprinkle your "snow" solution on the scene inside your globe, dusting both your tree figurines and animals to give the ornament a freshly fallen snow look.

Gift away (or keep for yourself) and enjoy!
Emily + Erick